Weekend Theme

It’s Friday. Capping another somewhat exhausting week. My brain is so tired, emotionally tired, this is not a good space to be in.

So with the need to go and finish reports to distribute before a meeting or two today I’m battling to think of a theme for the weekend. The desire is to just give it a miss, but then I’ll be giving in to the all-work-no-play pressure.

A lot of my blogging friends are food bloggers. I quite enjoy cooking sometimes, but am not very good at it. It’s an art that takes practice. I need more of that.

So this weekend I think the theme will be

 “The best meal I ever cooked”

23 thoughts on “Weekend Theme

  1. Sorry you’ve been feeling drained, Sidey, but hope the weekend has restored you. As for cooking, I also need plenty of practise! Dave once pronounced a once-off seared tuna dish as the best I ‘d ever made. I think it was mostly due to the perfect piece of fish 😀

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