Why do people……………..?

I’m extremely tired. I’ve hardly done anything but work since getting back from the weekend. Yesterday turned into a 16 hour working day.


Because the people who decided to go against what I’d set up, refused to take my phone calls and generally behaved like children did not leave a record of what they had done, having left a trail of chaos left me to deal with identifying what had and had not been done. Fortunately I could make the one who should have been more responsible sit with me to do the sorting out. Their boast of having done more than 50% turned out to be untrue. Less than 30% with less than 20% success!

What I wonder is, why do people think they can change the way something has been set up, and then not take responsibility for their actions?

12 thoughts on “Why do people……………..?

  1. When lazy people make a mess and then still try to convince you that if there is any credit due it should be given to them, they probably deserves the poor reputation which follows.

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