Weekend Theme

Once again it’s time for the weekend theme. Many possibilities have flitted through my mind this week, but the one that seems stuck there now is ADVERTISING If you’ve never joined in with the weekend theme, all you do is create a post using the theme. Anything, any way you want related to theme or […]

Morning thought

My cat is behaving like some people I’ve worked with. When the small cat is lying between me and the edge of the bed he just goes away, seemingly annoyed that she is in his place, yet if he just walked round the bed, the bigger side is empty of competition. He’s not usually stupid, […]

Devilled eggs and cardboard

On Thursday several Blog/FB buddies got wonderfully silly. It was started by a slightly odd picture in an on-line magazine. Investigation proved that the unexpected addition to the food photograph was a cardboard divider. The bunch of them continued with the joke, photographing various food in odd cardboard containers. Then the joke evolved into a […]


Cardboard, a word we use somewhat loosely to refer to anything from fairly lightweight sheets of dense paper-like stuff, to very thick sheets of similar material with the same material folded inside it to create something lighter than wood for the dimensions, yet with surprising strength. It’s made from something called Kraft paper, created in […]

Weekend Theme

Friday, weekend theme day. Two weeks of chaos, driving 200 Kms some days to get to and from work, people wanting certainty from uncertainty. Abuse by those who have not done their job. What fun; I think not. However some good always comes from the bad. I’ve enjoyed a few views of the rolling hills […]

Thursday, cities and problems

This week has again confirmed for me that the government really either has to seriously improve the public transport system and with it safety on the streets, or get rid of taxes for selling/buying your primary property. Going south instead of north from Johannesburg we saw almost as much heavy traffic going in, as I […]