How many plug points does a person need?

I remember the jokes at me when everyone was helping pack up my house after the flood. “You have enough extension cords to fit out a …….” was the type of comment.

Yesterday my new little ‘spare / home’ cellphone beeped it’s last at me. The battery was flat. “WHERE IS THE CHARGER?” I yelled. I also flinched as I am the only person at home and I’m sure the cats didn’t go and use it elsewhere.

5 minutes later with the phone plugged in I looked at the array. 1 music centre, 1 ipod shox, 1 printer, 1 wireless modem for the printer, space for 1 screen and 1 laptop – all on one plug. So the feeble little two-outlet wall unit is certainly not going to cut it for me. And some days 1 or 2 hot trays can be on.

I looked around the kitchen. Washing machine, dishwasher (hidden for the oven and stovetop), fridge, kettle, slow cooker, microwave, hand blender. That room is even worse.

What happened to the simple life?

12 thoughts on “How many plug points does a person need?

  1. I had to leave for that divorce to avoid provocations and violence a long time ago. I loaded up a 1972 Cutlass .Clothes, tools, books, kitchen items, records, personal papers and a yellow lab retriever. It was freedom and although I valued all my things left behind, I learned how unimportant they ultimately were. Clutter.

  2. ………. hair dryers, rechargeable toothbrushes, electric saws, electric drills, and for me various radios
    and I’m sure the list is nowhere near exhausted, Sidey.
    Your blog hit home with me especially!

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