Someone who needs help

On Letterdash we have blogger who is an inspiration to all. This is a man who suffers the consequences of a disease that has made him gave to rely totally on his chair – something for more than just a replacement for mobility.

I don’t normally react to on-line appeals for help as so many are scams. But I and lots of others have grown to know this man, he is real, a person facing so much and yet he remains rational, sane and retains a sense of humour. He sometimes is able to play along with us in the weekend theme, so I know he is real.

He is a man of kindness and openness, he deals with difficulties that would make me curl up and be dreadful, in ways that make me ashamed of how I deal with difficulties. He’s an ardent rugby fan, but these days couldn’t get to a game.

He blogs quite prolifically, it gets him mentally out of the house and the confines of his chair and into the outside world.

Now he is in dire need of a new chair, and that cost is out of his reach. He is asking for any contributions, small or large. I have never asked for money for anyone before (we have had a few scams here that are embarrassing to watch, but having blogged with him for many months now I believe he is genuine in his plea for some help). Details are on these 3 blogs. Go and read for yourself.

If you can help him from afar here’s a link to see what your donation would be towards his R70,000 need.


4 thoughts on “Someone who needs help

    1. Nancy he is the real deal, and if we can each send a bit, I think we can get what he needs. As he says if he has some money he may be able to negitiate for a second hand one

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