Pinky’s Weekend Quizzy Thingy

As usual when Pinky posts a quiz, I can’t resist. It’s like those difficult crosswords; I know I’ll get maybe one right, but I go ahead and humilate myself over and over.

1 What is a Mille Feuille? It is a million folds of delight

 2. What is the national dish of Indonesia? That is a Nasi question to ask those of us who know so little about food

3. Percentage wise, how much water does a mushroom contain?  Unwisely I tried to squeeze out the water to measure it. Now all I have is a messy hand, but I still don’t know the answer

 4. What is Ponzu? That’s a lemon of a question

 5. What is the national fruit of India? He’s a very famous gay Bollywood star 

6. What is the difference between a pawpaw and a papaya? I believe size counts in this matter

 7. What is “Caldo verde” and what is the main ingredient? You take a piece of green cheese from the moon, liquidise it and voila! (or whatever they say over there) caldo verde!

8. What enzyme does pineapples contain that tenderizes proteins? It’s the one that works when you say to the Pineapple “Hello Bro”

 9. What is Amchoor more commonly known as? It’s a choir affirming themselves, singing I am I am I am

 10. What is a Machiato? A macho cup of coffee





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