Weekend Theme

After a week off the blogs I’m feeling deprived.

2 days of driving 150Km to work on site, one day driving through driving rain in the morning and sleet in the evening, the other – both directions with most of the trip facing directly into the rising and setting sun. Almost 13 hours a day, home to back home; and the other days almost as long.

The frustrations of a large organisation where getting anything done can take two or more days have also taken their toll.

A few very beautiful sights have provided a few compensations. A willow tree, completely silver with frost, the skyline of Johannesburg glimpsed between hills from a distance, outlined against a thin strip of sunset orange sky and topped by that indescribable indigo sky. somewhat like the pic below but far more dramatic in colour.

However it’s Friday. I’m off to hand over a project to someone else as I can’t give it any attention in competition with the big one.

As it’s Friday it’s also time for the weekend theme. With that most beautiful sunset image still on my mind, I think the theme this weekend can only be “Sunset”.


If you’ve never played along with the theme before it’s really quite simple. Create a post using the theme, then come back here and leave a message with a link so that others can follow the links and read all of the different posts using the theme.

Of course the weekly injunction still applies HAVE FUN WITH IT!

37 thoughts on “Weekend Theme

  1. I have to say I am one of the few Englishmen to have gone right to the top of the Hillbrow Tower. I did get to look over the balcony, and felt I could almost see the curvature of the earth!!
    Great picture. You saying it was Johannesburg recalled that experience to me.
    thanks Sidey.

    1. It you saw a Joburg sunset from there you had a wonderful experience. We become accustomed to our beautiful sunsets (all that dust and smog) and sometimes take them for granted.

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