Advertising oneself for the purposes of attracting a partner for procreation is very common among animals. Probably the best known of the displaying birds is the peacock. There is the rather plain looking female bird, being presented with this fabulous flashy tail, to impress her and lure her into mating and reproducing. And of course that scream!

Animals too, produce looks, smells, noises to attract the female for the purposes of reproduction.

Oddly the male human is often less flashy than the female. The propensity in human cultures for females to dress in more colours than the male, to wear jewellery, to wear makeup to enhance their looks. All apparently in the search for a partner for procreation, and almost uniquely in the animal world for pleasure associated with the process.

This leads me to wonder about us humans, what is the purpose of the female becoming the โ€˜advertiserโ€™? Is it because human males are biologically more fragile than human females, that they indulge in dangerous behaviours, voluntarily and in organised groups for the purpose of aggression? Is it because by the time sexual maturity is reached there are more human females than males?

Such thoughts to take to bed on an evening; maybe Iโ€™ll wake with answers?


17 thoughts on “Advertising

  1. This is an interesting take on the theme, Sidey.

    It’s hard to say for sure, but it may have to do with the law of supply and demand (more woman than men) and socialized monogamy.

    One male lion mates with many females . . . so the females don’t have to complete for his attention, they just take turns. If the male only mated with one female, there might be more competition.

    Also, one of the “lures” that men use is to show that they will be a good provider by having a high paying job. That fact can be advertised with cars, rathers than plumage.

    1. yes, their advertising in the life-partner and provider stakes are quite specialised, aren’t they?
      We are just that much more complicated than the other animals

    1. not at all. I take mine many places with me. It’s good for them to get exposure to many experiences then maybe they will grow up to be useful thoughts ๐Ÿ˜‰

  2. Good choice, interesting questions – I followed a peacock around a park the other day, and he was so gracious as to pose for my camera… That was apparently such hard work, he had to lie down for a good long rest afterward. ๐Ÿ™‚

    I also loved your response to Carl’s comment just above.

  3. Then, of course, there are the dear little weavers. The male doesn’t advertise himself per se, but his ability to provide a good home for the female and all the littles…

  4. I take all my “puzzling thoughts” with me and when I take a long hot bath. It’s the only time I have to give anything serious thought. I usually find the solution there. If I take it to bed I end up worrying all night and losing sleep over nothing. Great photo.

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