Weekend Theme

Once again it’s time for the weekend theme. Many possibilities have flitted through my mind this week, but the one that seems stuck there now is


If you’ve never joined in with the weekend theme, all you do is create a post using the theme. Anything, any way you want related to theme or inspired by it. Then you come back here and leave a comment with enough of a link for people to follow to read your contribution. In turn, you can have some fun reading the other contributions. It’s always interesting to see what people create, how many different ways there are to interpret or look at the same theme.

This runs across multiple blogging platforms, the two posts I create are here on WordPress and on Letterdash.


28 thoughts on “Weekend Theme

  1. i like that u challenge us. an open friendly challenge or two or many more. we in response have shown that the world isn’t too busy or booked up to take on another. something may slip out the other end, true, but we go toward, deliberately or by accident, what we r designed to do, is inner congruent and gives us pleasure. u r far reaching pal. keep on.

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