Devilled eggs and cardboard

On Thursday several Blog/FB buddies got wonderfully silly. It was started by a slightly odd picture in an on-line magazine. Investigation proved that the unexpected addition to the food photograph was a cardboard divider.

The bunch of them continued with the joke, photographing various food in odd cardboard containers.

Then the joke evolved into a food-blogger challenge, involving ‘ZEF’ snacks in unusual containers made from cardboard.

As so often is the case I missed the fun, working away in the less imaginative world of IT. However I decided to join in the fun, but as usual was too busy to spend a lot of time on the food. So here they are – devilled eggs, smoked oysters and olives, all in a very neat cardboard container.


27 thoughts on “Devilled eggs and cardboard

  1. Hhahahah! Well done. I just love your styling – you took so much effort with it. I think that you will have to teach me how to do it right.

  2. This cardboard thing that you’ve all been up to has brought a great deal of joy. I only hope the original food editor has an eggpreciation of that.

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