Cardboard, a word we use somewhat loosely to refer to anything from fairly lightweight sheets of dense paper-like stuff, to very thick sheets of similar material with the same material folded inside it to create something lighter than wood for the dimensions, yet with surprising strength. It’s made from something called Kraft paper, created in a process invented over 100 years ago by a Swedish chap called Carl F. Dahl. I love reading one of the descriptions of the process, where after cooking the wood chips in some horrendous stuff under pressure, the pressure is released and it puffs up, all fluffy.

What I wonder is; did his wife have to put up with him ruining the kitchen (and dinner) by playing around cooking wood? I can just imagine the scenes, family rushing out into the snow while all the windows and doors are opened to release the noxious fumes, pouring from Carl’s cookpot. Dinner ruined, cold and hungry they all go to bed, sobbing, not realising they are contributing so much to the world.

It’s used everywhere, packaging, storing, containing – helping us to organise things into packages that are easily stored and handled.

There are also other uses for the versatile stuff, from furniture to cathedrals.

I have been intrigued by the furniture for quite a while, and I love the fact that most of it is made from the plain pale brown cardboard without bleaches and colorants being added or used as a coating.

It is what it is, and these clever designers use it in its basic form for extra appeal to those of us who like simplicity. I suspect the furniture can be sprayed into whatever colour scheme is desired, if the paint is not very wet, but then again, wet cardboard does funny things. Hmmmmmmmmmm, maybe the colour-afterwards option should be limited to wax crayons and similar.


18 thoughts on “Cardboard

    1. i think the versatility of the cardboard opens up minds to so many possibilities. it’s just wonderful what people can do when they let their minds free

  1. You might try writing for Wikipedia. This was much more interesting than anything they had. My first thought for cardboard is of the common corrugated box. I wonder how durable the buildings constructed of cardboard are.

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