Weekend Theme

Friday, weekend theme day.

Two weeks of chaos, driving 200 Kms some days to get to and from work, people wanting certainty from uncertainty. Abuse by those who have not done their job. What fun; I think not. However some good always comes from the bad. I’ve enjoyed a few views of the rolling hills south of Johannesburg (the ones not yet filled with houses or squatter camps), I’ve loved the few glimpses of the flatter land, stretching away in its tawny and black coat. Seen Springbok grazing on the new green shoots coming through the burnt grass. I’ve had a chance to chat to two intelligent young men.

So from all this I think a theme completely unrelated is required.

This weekend the theme is Cardboard.

How to play along: Create a post using the theme, then come back here to leave a message to let others come and read your post. The point of the theme is to see how many different people handle the same theme.

Usually bloggers on WordPress and on Letterdash participate, so the link to Letterdash is built in here for you to be able to read the contributions on both platforms.


48 thoughts on “Weekend Theme

  1. May I call you Sidey like others, please.
    I have diluted your theme this weekend, my post is called
    “cups and cardboard”
    It’s short because I ran out of time! I may well add verses later.!

    Hope you like it. John

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