Thursday ALREADY? it’s NOT YET Friday?

I woke this morning, hopped (crawled) out of bed and went to shower. I thought “Tomorrow I can just sleep in late”. Then reality struck. It’s only Thursday not Friday.

The odd thing is I’m so exhausted, not from work but from play on top of work. 8 days so far of really wonderful times, so much more than I usually do.

Do I want it to stop. Not really. But I would like it to slow down.

Then I spent too long in the shower, thinking……

How often in life do we have these ‘overloads’? Too much to do, too little to do. Does anyone manage to have a balanced life all the time? If so; how on earth do they manage it?


12 thoughts on “Thursday ALREADY? it’s NOT YET Friday?

  1. I hate it when that happens. Roll on Friday.
    When life is too slow, I long for it to speed up; and when it’s too fast I wish it would slow down. I’m trying to remember if it’s ever the right speed….

  2. I admit to mixing my days up some, which I guess is OK if you don’t have to go out to work on any specific day, or when you’re not responsible for seeing that someone else gets to work/school. Perhaps too, it has something to do with how one’s life rolls – I can see where “8 days so far of really wonderful times” could seem to both speed up and slow down time…

  3. My life always seems to be in imbalance — it’s trying to manage the highs and lows that inevitably wears me out. When I’m having too much fun I’m worrying about all the responsible stuff I’m not getting done, and when I’m overloaded with responsibility I moan that I have no time for fun. I’ll tell you, it all seemed easier when I was young and had a child to take care of — now that I’ve got all this ‘free’ time there’s none of it for me!

  4. Striving for balance is a life-long endeavor it seems ~ a perpetual see-saw of work and play, feast and famine, joy and sorrow.

    Hang on tight. The future is next. 😀

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