We were driving to a party, it was dusk in early summer, that magic time of day when many things are possible. As we drove up the steep climb that is Sylvia’s Pass between Lower Houghton and Upper Houghton, I looked out at one of my favourite views. Johannesburg; spread out in its green and lilac dress with some lights twinkling like jewels in the fabric. The hills of Pretoria, violet smudges in the distance.

“Oh stop for a few minutes”, I said, “it’s such a beautiful evening”.

We pulled over at the lookout spot and got out, standing close; enjoying the view, the balmy weather and our togetherness. The sky darkened a little as we stood, watching, holding each other and chatting of this and that. Then I noticed it, a rather large light, flying in from the direction of Pretoria quite high in the sky.

“The wind must be in an odd direction” I said, “That plane is on an unusual path for Jan Smuts”. Snuggling in closer I forgot the light for a few minutes. Then he said “That’s not a plane, there is only one light”.

We stood frozen, watching it come towards us. How silly we must have looked, standing there almost in its path. As a UFO all it would need to do was beam us up and no-one would ever know what had happened.

He turned to me and said softly in my ear, “It was so nice knowing you; do you think the aliens will separate us? I wouldn’t want to think of you scared all alone.” I giggled, almost scared.

We held each other tight, waiting for the inevitable. Trembling a little or was it the evening breeze cooling us?

Still the light came towards us. There we were – us alone against the aliens in their all-powerful UFO.

“Kiss me goodbye” me murmured. As I obeyed, the wind changed, and we could hear an engine. “They are close now” he whispered, holding me closer for another final kiss.

The car pulled up and out piled some middle-aged people, who looked at us and commented on people who should find privacy for what we were doing.

Annoyed I looked for the UFO to take them away and leave us alone.

The UFO was turning, heading towards the then “New’ general hospital. We weren’t that accustomed to helicopters flying in to the hospital I guess.


Or was it?


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