Weekend theme

It’s Friday and therefore time for me to post the weekend theme. For those who have never played along with us, every Friday I post a theme for the weekend. Those who want to play, create a blog post using the theme. The post can be words, pictures, whatever, as long as it’s what the […]


ECLIPSE, a word guaranteed to get my little heart fluttering. Those magical events out there, so far away, yet so visible. And how clever are the astronomers to work out the spatial relationships and predict them. We take it for granted these days that we can foretell these things, yet way back, with a candle, […]

What makes someone invade your life?

Give them your Blackberry pin and they spam you with stupid ‘starry bunny’ e-mails? Give them your e-mail address and they spam you with said starry bunnies and the fake religious mails too Have one phone conversation at night and they then start repeatedly phoning you during working hours (despite being informed you are busy) […]

Organisations; fascinating things

Watching the one where I’m currently working is a combination of horror and amazement. Multiple companies, mostly in South Africa, each having had a high degree of independence, now trying to become ‘one’. Things that were almost manageable in one company are completely unmanageable in the conglomerate. The layers of control that are being put […]


Usually can become a cover up. Usually can be an attempted explanation. Usually can be used as pressure to conform. There are aspects to usually that I really do not like. Yet usually can also be home, comfort, ease of doing. There are aspects of usually that I do like.

Weekend Theme

It’s Friday so it’s time for me to post the weekend theme. For those who have never played with us, just before the weekend starts (especially for those who blog from work) I post a ‘theme’. This is a subject to provoke or inspire blog posts from people so that we can have fun seeing […]

Thursday thoughts

What I’m working on currently I had believed I wouldn’t do again as project management has become such a specialised and rarefied field. Too much of the detail required has always seemed to me to be an overkill. Working back in the field I am daily surprised by someone saying, “You aren’t doing what our […]