Why things bite back

“Why things bite back”. The name of a book I read some years ago.

The more we add technology to ‘simplify or improve’ our lives the more it complicates them. Every new technology brings its drawbacks. Every new gadget brings the need for batteries, or another power connection in the home.

I remember friends of mine being lent a flat in a very old building. The estate agent had messed up and left them homeless for a month. So they ‘squatted’ in her flat for a month.

The lounge was spectacular (from one viewpoint) There was ONE power outlet in ONE wall. The kitchen had ONE, hidden behind the fridge. When the building was built, I assume people had one lounge lamp and only an electric fridge. The stove used gas as did the built-in heater in the lounge.

Last night I battled with re-installing some electronic stuff, each equipped with the two pin plug. I discover I need to go and buy some more adaptors; these ones wobble around in the older adaptors, and keep turning on and off. Eventually at 8.30 I called it a day and sneaked off to bed. Defeated!


13 thoughts on “Why things bite back

  1. I hate those big round plugs with two pins on…. I can never find the freaking adaptors that take them. So I have one in my house for my hair dryer and I have to move it around. It is quite sacred. Xx

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