Is it just me?

I’m not the fussiest housekeeper, in fact I definitely fall into the slut category. BUT (isn’t there always a but?)

I had some people round to play bridge on Saturday evening, and for some supper, a pleasant evening (especially as I did not need to drive home afterwards in really cold weather).

The only man in the foursome LOVES strawberries. I usually serve Strawberries with Cream as dessert as one of our number is highly allergic to sugar. This week I’d found an instant chocolate mousse without sugar, so I made that in little bowls and served the smaller number of strawberries and cream as an ‘add for yourself’ extra.

And here comes the BUT.

He always has to add loads of sugar onto his strawberries, which at least two of us don’t. And for the umpteenth time I noticed he had not only his dessert spoon but the sugar bowl spoon to eat from. And then when I suggested he eat the last few strawberries (he was being polite and leaving them for my breakfast) he happily put the well-licked spoon BACK INTO THE SUGAR BOWL to help himself to more sugar. This despite the fact there were also teaspoons loose on the table (my in-case attempt).

So yesterday I threw out all the contents of the sugar bowl and only replaced the spoon after it had been through the dishwasher with the other cutlery.

Am I the only one who gets grossed out by this? Am I too finicky?


18 thoughts on “Is it just me?

  1. Eeeeeewwwwwwwwwwwwww. Disgusting. You shouldn’t even share chips and dip because the saliva on the bitten chips goes into the dip.

    Gross. Give him his own sugar bowl next time.

  2. How yucky…Not too finicky. No choice but to toss the sugar and wash the bowl and spoon.

    I have a problem with nuts in a bowl—people keep digging into it after licking their fingers!

  3. Not fussy at all, and what an incredibly rude and apparently clueless man! Ugh! He did with the sugar what we call the “double dip” – like when you dip your chip or crisp into some dip, bite off the part with the dip and then dip into it again! Ugh!

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