Pinky’s quiz

Pinky usually posts a weekly foodie quiz. As my sole clam to fame  in the foodie world is eating delicious stuff my answers are not always what she expected. BUT they are always 100% correct.

1. What dish is known as Jewish penicillin? Got to be chicken soup

2. What spices are traditionally in Ras el Hanout and what does it mean? Very hot spices, and that’s what you yell a) when eating them and b) when they exit you

3. What is swede? I suspect it’s what happened when a potato and a turnip became enamoured of each other

4. From which country is “pho bo” and when is it served? Well  now, that is classified material. I’d have to kill you and turn you into soup with noodles

5. Many in the food world believe the three great cuisines are which three?  Chocolate in all its forms, cooking with alochol, and fresh food cuisine 😉

6. What is a spatchcock? It’s roadkill chicken

 7. What is the difference between Vanilla essence and Vanilla extract? One is synthetic and the other is real

8. What is traditionally used to thicken the sauce of Sauerbraten? As I don’t eat sauer-anything I have absolutely no idea

9. Where does Malva pudding get its name? The first party where it was server all went “Malvalicious”

10. What are Portobello mushrooms called in their juvenile state? Bambini?

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