Words, words, words

Words, words, words. I have spent the major part of the last few days listening to the words of others., asking questions that generally provoke many more words. Most of these have been useful, some defensive until the person is reassured that this is a first exploration, and they have time to offer a ‘possible’ and later come back to evaluate the possible against reality.

All good stuff. We have in less than a week, managed to change an outlook, an expectation, and a blank statement of all-or-nothing ‘big bang’ into step by step. Doing things, testing, them, reviewing them and maybe improving them. My favourite way of doing things, as then you are on a self-correcting course.

From a blogging viewpoint, this has all NOT BEEN PRODUCTIVE.

2am, 3am are normal this week, but at least I’m now posting instead of lying awake planning and working.

Then yesterday evening I received another lot of words. This time NOT IT technical but words in a book about Helen Susman. A woman who stood for many years as the sole member of her party in parliament, standing up against a powerful and very scary party in power, and standing up for human rights and justice.

The inscription inside, from the author is “To celebrate a friendship longer than Susman’s parliamentary career”. I came home from that supper, smiling. The present of her book and re-affirmation of an important friendship is worth more than words can convey. I am a happy woman.

16 thoughts on “Words, words, words

    1. she was an inspiration to so many. my friend knew her personally

      i remember when helen was getting older and her cat had died, she missed it but wouldn’t get another to leave ‘orphaned’. i offered mine for visits of sitting on the lap etc

  1. I’d be interested to read that. Inspiring people, ones who have lived their own lives well and productively, can often inspire us to become s person who lives their own life well and productively.

    Thanks for sharing, Sidey!

  2. What a nice gift, you’re fortunate to have such good friends.
    A note about words — much as I love them, usually, — this week I wish they would just stop! (I need something to be finished, once and for all.)

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