We often seem to bemoan the folly of others in the actions and decisions they take, sending their or other lives off in a different direction.

The folly of forcing a little girl to move into the competitive world of ‘baby shows’ ‘little miss xxx’ shows is often bemoaned by those who believe these girls should have a more ‘normal’ childhood; allowing balanced time for play and schoolwork.

The folly of letting pre-teenagers into the teenage world of makeup and dating, moving them as teenagers into the world where early sex opens them up to all the consequences of an adult world; one where they are not yet ready to take on the responsibilities, damaging their own lives and those of others.

The folly of the middle-aged who deny their age, pretending to be young again, trying to force relationships where the youngsters they involve are sometimes angry at this, or landing a young woman with a much older husband/partner. Those relationships tend to leave a young widow, with his second family competing with the angry first family over any legacy.

The folly of the elderly pretending to be younger, again resulting in people at different stages of life trying to live together.

These are often described as foolish actions, yet for some they produce a happy and productive life.

Who am I to say they are follies, maybe the foolish are wise?

21 thoughts on “Folly

  1. People do have follies. Far too often they are the last ones to know. The only cure is self realization. Adults have to learn the hard way as do teenagers. Some grow and mature, others do not. However, is it folly to work for a better world in spite of the overwhelming obstacles? Folly not to surrender to cancer? We still admire Don Quixote.

  2. Good thoughts, Sidey.

    Many of the BEST decisions I ever made were considered foolish to others:
    Choosing to remain Child-Free
    Leaving the practice of law
    Moving to FL before selling the house in MD

    Right for me . . . even if considered “folly” by others. 😀

  3. I think those decisions we make for others could be foolish, especially when they mean dressing little girls as adults. Decisions we make for ourselves may be foolish, but if they don’t hurt others, so what?

  4. I think folly is impulsive conduct which doesn’t properly consider implications. If the result is universal happiness then the implications are good and the original act was not folly; if the result is fear or pressure, surely the original act is by definition folly?

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