What makes someone invade your life?

Give them your Blackberry pin and they spam you with stupid ‘starry bunny’ e-mails?

Give them your e-mail address and they spam you with said starry bunnies and the fake religious mails too

Have one phone conversation at night and they then start repeatedly phoning you during working hours (despite being informed you are busy)

Despite all these ‘contacts’ never have anything to communicate that is meaningful?

Is there a reason people take each opening into your life and they abuse it whenever and however they feel like, but are shocked when you ask them to stop? And are surprised when you shut them out completely? And keep asking what they did wrong, because they apologised each time?

It’s a mindset I really don’t understand.

Apologies this is a rant and rave post.


14 thoughts on “What makes someone invade your life?

  1. Have I told you today that you’re my favorite? 😎

    Some people are clueless
    And they tend to stick like glue
    Until you pry them lose
    And shove them away . . .

    1. hope it’s not me?
      she has no choice, i have blocked her in all ways that i can. it’s sad when things go this far but i can’t always be wondering where next she will create problems for me

    1. i’m sure they are, but also that there are other underlying problems they need to sort out – not my problem though. there are people who get paid to help, i just don’t have the time

      if it was an old friend having problems it would be rather different.

    1. I have no idea. Not all people click together, and not at all times. Taking it personally often means that the person is unsure of themselves, hence the dependancy and rushing in to flood one.

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