Organisations; fascinating things

Watching the one where I’m currently working is a combination of horror and amazement. Multiple companies, mostly in South Africa, each having had a high degree of independence, now trying to become ‘one’.

Things that were almost manageable in one company are completely unmanageable in the conglomerate. The layers of control that are being put in are interesting (and necessary). But even more the time it takes for people to adapt, “only one way to do something”.

I wonder if we South Africans are so accustomed to just ‘making a plan’ as we go along that we find it harder than other countries to conform to things working in just one way.

Hand in hand with this is the duplication of effort as multiple groups jostle to become the ‘one way’. Treading along a tortuous path of interests, personal and supplier company is also something akin to the kind of treasure hunt I remember Harrison Ford doing in the movies.

Oh how I wish for a whip cracking hero!


8 thoughts on “Organisations; fascinating things

  1. I haven’t experienced this, but have had conflicts of interest between departments and their heads. Eventually someone has to step in and sort out the mess! Good luck to them…

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