Weekend theme roundup

68ghia gave us original and well known material to tug at the heartstrings


Amos gave us a cross
another day took us into the pop song


Chris took us on a short journey


Colonialist / colonialist Tongue in cheek, he goes cheekily about the subject



EXPLORER  gives us poetry in motion


gobetween / gobetweenflames writes of her dislike of poetry and rhyming, do so as she writes. Her tongue is firmly lodged in her cheek.




Hopestar  Also writes in verse, haiku or sonnet.  Whatever – she’s perverse.
Insane Wasn’t going to participate, cos I hate poetry, but I can write about why I hate poetry, not so?

So it’s done. Had a slight “breakthrough” there. Interesting




kateshrewsday  Here it is Sidey Have a lovely Saturday!



libraryscene  gave us a double contribution


nrhatch Nancy gave us 4 ways



Paula Tohline Calhoun  Whaddata know? And on a Saturday, too! This one is especially for you, mystery woman!


thanks Paula, odes to me are rare indeed


PinkPolkaDot  gave us a foodie poem with a startling ending


Rhymes-n-Reason didn’t leave a message, but left a poem on her blog


Sue Chef took us into the family freezer/chamber of horrors 😉


The one and only Cindy  PAINLESS, BUT ALSO WITHOUT POETRY « The only Cin
Tilly Bud


gives us perspectives on the humble dandelion

twolips Done mine!


uk-wizard gave us a trip into the past with Elynour Rummyng






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