Monday morning musings

We wake and stretch, some leaping out of bed in a way calculated to thoroughly annoy those of us who think rising should be a gradual process of gathering awareness and movement. Of course we probably can’t observe this violent activity, but imagining it is enough to annoy.

Consciousness rising, the alarm switched off, or if cautious, set on ‘doze’ to catch any little extra snoozes we may deem necessary on a Monday morning.

What does the day hold? What expected routine will be disrupted by excitement?

Drowsing warm in bed some days I wonder what the morning of some major event feels like. The morning when you wake, knowing major surgery awaits, with life threatening possibilities, or knowing you will be married, divorced, have a first child before the day is over, be leaving on that holiday of a lifetime, first day at a new school, university, job.

Somehow despite the events, it seems hard to remember what the wake-up feelings were.

I suspect the size of the coming event is somewhat overshadowed by the smaller issues that need to be dealt with in order for the main event to become possible.

Is that what history really is, all the little events things that had to some together for the big events to occur?


7 thoughts on “Monday morning musings

  1. You have inspired me to meet each new morning thankful that it’s an ordinary one, Sidey… Look out at the light and think, I’m alive, and life has it’s great points….

  2. Most mornings, I happily meet the day by wandering down the hall to turn on the coffee. I don’t bounce out of bed, but I rarely grumble or grouse either.

    But I like to wake up on my own . . . without an alarm . . . and with nowhere I need to be right away.

    I remember almost everything about the day I got married . . . but, you’re right . . . I don’t remember my morning ablutions.

    I do remember the morning of law school graduation. I overslept and said that I wouldn’t bother going. My sister and BFF wouldn’t let me miss it. So I poured some coffee into me, ran a comb through my hair, grabbed my graduation gown, and flew to the ceremony.

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