As a child I thought poetry was all about rhyming. Poetry went tumty tumty tum, and the ends of the lines sounded similar – for a giggle.

Then other awareness began to dawn. Poetry comes in many forms, some barely recognisable as poetry from what I knew previously.

Then I began to understand why some poems pulled at my heartstrings. The words as seductive as music, as rhythmical as dance.

Some made me feel what I’d never experienced, put the feelings into my mind.

Some intrigue me, making me want to sit and think quietly about the subject, others make me want to go and try something described.

 But do all words that are arranged as though they are a poem, indeed make a poem?

I think not.

I write words

In short sentences.

That’s just a way to write.



Unless the brevity


The essence

It’s just

Short sentences.

I suspect poetry is in the mind of the reader and of the listener, put there by the poet.


15 thoughts on “Poetry

  1. Though I agree with you,
    I do think that writing
    in short sentences
    creates a different thought
    process and pattern.
    It invites
    introspection and
    musicality. Transforming
    the mundane into
    something mimicking
    the poetic.


  2. I like your thoughts on this one, though, I must disagree. Your writing form causes the reader to pause, to think, to breathe… you’ve just controlled how we, the reader, consume your words. Poetry is art. Art is Poetry. It isn’t always about the lyricism.

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