Weekend Theme

What feels like a very long week, yet only had the regulation number of days in it, is getting closer to that part of “unwind and relax”. Well sort of (and not for all of us).

So it’s time for the weekend theme to get itself posted.

The weekend theme is a way to have some fun seeing how different bloggers tackle a common subject.  It’s not a competition, ‘winner’ is not a concept here. It’s just about the delights of contributing and reading all the contributions (if you have time).

This weekend the theme is POETRY

Contribute to the theme by creating a blog post, then leave a message on this post to let me know you have created a contribution.  It does help if you leave the details of the link to your post.  Please remember you do not help if you leave two messages in different ways about the one post.  At the end of the weekend I’ll post a round-up of the contributions.

Have fun with it.



31 thoughts on “Weekend Theme

  1. I always respond to the ones that don’t call for poetry in poems, so maybe I should do a picture for this one just to be difficult …?

    NAH! I like writing nonsense verse!

      1. When we include a link in our post back here, you get a notification of the link with a brief context.

        But sometimes we’re too excited to wait for that link to arrive on your doorstep . . . so we rush around here to hand deliver the link.

  2. Hi Sidey…nice theme for the weekend. I couldn’t decide as Saturday and Sunday both contained poetry, Sunday a poem; Saturday, a bit of a chat about writing fiction (poetry included). Sunday is probably the faster read…Poetry

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