How ‘big’ does one think?

I’m now of an age where I have seen my contemporaries grow, develop and take on the world in larger or smaller slices. Some have even retired, others have switched what they do to give themselves more interesting lives.

What has struck me over the years is their conversations. With me, with the world, verbal and written.

It’s a little difficult to give words to (maybe purely my own limitations) but some people seem able to ‘think big’, not grandiose ideas, but able to encompass complex systems and requirements and influences. Others seem stuck in looking at the world and talking to and about it in extremely limited ways.

I wonder do we all have the capacity, or is there an innate limit to everyone’s thinking and some stop early, or is it just a laziness, a disinclination. Or maybe it is also limited by what we are faced with, how we tackle the first things may set patterns that later limit us.

Off now to face some people, see how confined their thinking is. Limited to their little worlds they are going to give me headaches this week. Open for more that will make the whole week a success.

Hold thumbs for me.

15 thoughts on “How ‘big’ does one think?

  1. Now THAT’s a good question, Sidey. I think it all depends on how ‘safe’ we want our lives to be. Those who take chances to find their ‘passion’ are the ones who make it big. Of course some find their passion at an early age and have a head-start. The rest of us, play-safers, lose out hugely all round.

  2. I love all the management stuff on the different types of people one needs in an effective group. Those who think small may be the meticulous ones, the ones who have a very particular talent to give; sometimes they might even have asperger’s, but it is often worth nursing them along because of the skill they bring.

    Blurry hard work, though.

  3. BIG! I want to comment because the question is interesting, but I find I’m sitting open mouthed, staring blankly at the screen. So many thoughts, huge, impenetrable thoughts on this one small subject.

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