Men who make trouble

I’m amazed at men who will do almost anything to try to maintain what they think people should believe of them. Instead of creating a reputation by great creations, working to deliver the goods, and real friendships, it’s all smoke and mirrors, all bluster and fighting rather than real stuff.

Oh how exhausting they are. Politicking, spending hours talking, but never answering a direct question.


Today I have to tackle one of these head on.

12 thoughts on “Men who make trouble

    1. Oh yes. I had a really difficult one a few years ago, a woman. Impossible to pin down as she had the ear of the senior position. Hated by everyone, but protected. It was a most unhappy place.

    1. It had been there in dribs and drabs, then he went wild, interfering and generally being a pain. Then he directly told me I didn’t understand my brief in this, and that I must do exactly as he said, not what I;d been told by the head of the place.

      That sort of interference makes things run so very slowly

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