Mr Once-only

Mr Once-only

I knew someone who only committed his heart once. He had one pet as a child, and after that died, he never had another pet. Not that he disliked animals; he just wouldn’t have another to love and be responsible for.

While growing up, he took out different girls and women, none for any length of time. Then he met and fell in love with a woman. She was married at the time (vey unhappily and was abused). He rescued her and fell in love. They lived together very happily for many years. But then she left because he drank too much. He never got involved with another woman until he died.

He never had any children.

I sometimes wonder about him.

I don’t think he had a hard heart. He was a wonderful friend. As people said at his funeral, he was stubborn, and once he made you his friend, he’d never let go, you could always rely on him. But for the relationships that involve the heart in the deepest ways, for him, once only was enough.

I suspect he had a dreadfully soft heart, and that the loss of his one pet and his one love left him so bereft he could not face going through that again.

25 thoughts on “Mr Once-only

  1. I agree that you’re probably right, Sidey, which is deeply sad for him – and a welcome reminder to appreciate all the love in our lives. Thank you.

  2. I wonder why the drinking… he must have had some other problem, no?

    Such a destructive force. I was forced to leave a drinking partner.

  3. I note that many felt “sorry” for him. I must admit that I didn’t. I felt that he chose his priorities and enjoyed what HE wanted out of life.

    He had, as you said, many devoted friends because of his loyalty to the friends he made.

    Maybe he didn’t “need” a significant other or a pet in order to feel his life worked for him.

    1. I think we see others from our own viewpoint, and those who enjoy loving and being loved in an intimate relationship feel sorrty f or those not in one

      I think he was content (but also a little afraid of being hurt again)

    1. maybe he would have been hurt over and over and been even sadder

      he was always very kind and friendly with animals, just wouldn’t form that very close ‘live together’ bond

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