Thinking and Planning

I have been watching for 2 weeks as various people assume that something is VERY simple, when it is complex. It’s a bit like watching a village of the blind meet an elephant. One describes the huge solid legs, one the wispy tail, one the flexible trunk, one the flapping ears, one the smooth curved tusks. Each is right, but alone they are incomplete.

Each sees what they are comfortable with, sometimes just seeing their own area, but some (quite worrying really) don’t lift their heads above the water to see what else is there. No wonder changes in big places can be so painful, everyone pulling in a different direction, no one conducting the WHOLE orchestra.

No wonder smaller organisations are so much better at changing, and big ones at doing the same thing over and over again.

This week my burning issue is: in a world of complexity how does one simplify?

16 thoughts on “Thinking and Planning

  1. So tricky weaving in all the personalities and talents to make something big. I really admire someone who can do that. And fab question. I’ll be thinking about that all day.

  2. You have an exquisitely canny way of making me think sideways. I wasn’t about to respond to your challenge but then again . . .

    “in a world of complexity how does one simplify?”

    First, and most importantly, recognise complexity as being created and propagated by humans. Decide which of life’s complexities might apply to you and eradicate them one by one.

    Say “No” to others more often than not.
    Give up “Wants” in favour of Needs.
    Concentrate on building Mental Wealth.
    Speak less, listen more and believe even less.
    Do one thing at a time.

    There must be more, but the last will always be – Learn when to take yourself seriously and when to join in the laughter.


  3. You are so right. People hate change none the less. The bigger companies just have more people fighting it…. tahts why big consultancy firms come in and do “change management”. (And charge a fortune for it.)

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