Monday morning musings…………….

The whole Dominique Strauss-Kahn story had me thinking. The relationship(s) a person in the public eye has with a spouse (or spouses – one wonders about serial or parallel spouses  – or is the plural spice?) can often be extremely difficult. After all every-day people-on-the-street have relationship problems, so why should the famous be immune?

Is there a difference between the marriage-partnership relationship and the relationship between a politician or some role like the head of the World Bank or the IMF and the people they supposedly represent? Can what happens in one be expected to be a mirror for the other?

Can betrayal of a promise to keep only to one person be seen as a probable betrayal of other promises? After all, can one be selective in which promises one keeps and which not?

All very complex issues.

The older cultures like France and Italy (both claiming ‘hot-bloodedness’) and their tolerance for a wider sexual arena than just a marriage, and the more puritanical US of A approach, that politicians must be faithful in their marriages (unless they are very charismatic, then they find ways to forgive them). Which approach is right?

Is it just the cynic in me that wonders, are their marriages those of convenience? To have a spouse (and maybe a family) to parade as part of their credentials?

Do we mistrust single people as politicians? Why? Because they can’t be seen as having a commitment to another person, so we can’t pretend that means they have a commitment to us, the voter? At least they don’t make promises to a spouse that they don’t intend to keep.

There was a statement from Mr Strauss-Kahn that he wondered if some rival/enemy would pay someone to accuse him of rape.  Really now, dealing with that is simple enough Mr Strauss-Kahn; don’t have sex with anyone outside your marriage, travel with your wife, and there will never be evidence for anyone to concoct such a case.

Even if it was a set-up, why would anyone coming naked from the bathroom and finding someone in their room, (in a maid’s outfit) end up having even consensual sex with that person?  Even if that person showed a lot of interest (a nice change from re-making beds, changing sheets and towels?) But then looking at the photos of the 62 year old, grey haired, with a receding hairline, deep wrinkles and saggy face, age spots on face and hands, is this a man to rouse a woman meeting him for the first time to have sex with him (all of a sudden like)?

If he was aware of the possibility of a set-up, and if it was a set-up, why didn’t he catch on immediately, or does he think he is irresistible to women?

Hellooooo, Mr Strauss-Kahn some personal restraint in this time of a STD that can kill would be the sensible thing, let alone a sensible thing to do for your marriage and reputation.



As a sideline to this: Why is it that I can’t recall any female politician (other than possibly Mrs Palin – she’s a real blow for female equality in the lowest possible sense) who gets themselves into difficulties over sexual forays outside their marriages? I don’t know if she has, but she seems careless of others to a startling degree.




15 thoughts on “Monday morning musings…………….

  1. Yes, I never thought about female politicians before, though there was the Irish premier’s wife last some time ago, if I remember correctly. She wasn’t a politician in her own right, though.

    Maybe it’s because woman have to work so hard to get anywhere plus care for the home and children, that they don’t have the energy for anything else?

    Edwina Currie was an MP who cheated but it only came out when she wrote her autobiography.

  2. Wonderful questions, Sidey.

    I expect that many politicians do marry to appear more trustworthy, committed, and credible than single politicians.

    I’m planning a related post for later today on the issue of sexual “infidelity.”

  3. Solution for all of those politicians wanting more than their marriage- move to SA, and get to have 7 wives. Then it doesnt matter at all…. no one even bothers anymore with your love life.

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