Weekend Theme

Its Friday, the week has flown. It’s time for the weekend theme.

Last week’s DANCE theme brought many varied contributions, again giving the fun of reading what different people see or think about a topic.

An odd week has meant no posts from me, so my brain is not really in blogging mode.

Several of the things I had thought of have since appeared in various people’s posts. I guess there is synchronicity working there.

With all of the rumours of the end of the world happening on the 21stMay 2011, I thought it may be time for us all to contemplate the end. What end? Well any you feel like contemplating.

So that’s the theme for the weekend THE END.

And for Paula who seems to get my bigger letters blocked out by her browser. Paula, this weekend the theme is THE END.

As usual (or for the first timers) create a post around the theme. Publish it, then come back to this post and leave me a message with the link to your post. That’s to let others browse as posts are being created, and lets me  create a roundup post of all of the contributions with their links.

The command as usual is: HAVE FUN WITH THE THEME!

32 thoughts on “Weekend Theme

  1. Very timely theme, Sidey. 😉

    I am thinking that if the end is nigh . . . that spending time writing a blog post may not be the best use of my limited time on the planet.

    Perhaps I’ll wait until the 22nd . . . if there is a 22nd . . . to ponder this week’s theme.

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