Tuesday morning ramblings……….

I’m not always a fan of the USA. Seen from any other country’s viewpoint the USA seems to ‘pretend’ friendliness meanwhile investigating so many things, and then taking actions when and only when they’ suit’ the USA.

Well, I always wonder, do the critics expect the USA to take actions in ways that do NOT support what it perceives as its ‘own best interest?’ What person and country does not?

I am quite happy to have many long discussions as to the validity of their views there, short term versus long term value etc. That’s the fun of history (and economics) it’s 20/20 vision looking back.

What does often provide me with exercise for the teeny brain, is that fact that countries have ‘secret’ functions ( Departments / organisations dedicated to fact finding and (often) event manipulation) and how people are outraged at the actions and outcomes from these.

Now we all know every government has them. So why is anyone EVER surprised that sometimes (and I’m not putting any frequency to the word) people, sections or the whole organisation do things that are far from humane? After all secrecy carries a huge level of immunity.

In the wake of the (for him and his family) sad death of Osma Bin Laden there is so much speculation going around. Was he guilty, wasn’t he? Actually I’m usually inclined to believe someone who claims guilt for an action that hurt others, unless it seems they could be protecting a loved one somehow, as so many good suspenseful novels teach us.

What amazes me is how the ‘nutters’ come out of the woodwork after an event such as this.

The scary part of it all is sometimes the ‘nutters’ have it right.

 The difficulty is to work out which ’nutter’ is actually very sane, and which, well – just nutty.


13 thoughts on “Tuesday morning ramblings……….

  1. Just to dispel any confusion, I’m just nutty.

    I think events like this are used by powers to manipulate us. The timing of this raid seems cynical in the extreme. And we are expected to participate in the celebration of this great victory. When someone attempts misdirection with me, I like to look where no-one else is looking. What are we NOT meant to be looking at? (terrible grammar…..)

  2. a start to a whole new round perhaps? Sometimes better the enemy that you know, then the enemy that you dont.
    Dont get me wrong though- I believe that the US was not entirely wrong.

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