Weekend Theme

It’s Friday. (Really? It seems as though the week has barely begun)

So it’s time to post the weekend theme.

How the weekend theme works. I post a subject for the theme. You (if you want to play along with the rest of us) create a blog post wherever you blog using the theme to guide the content. The content can be words of prose or poetry, pictures, photographs or drawings, or sound bytes.

When you have created the post, you come back here and leave a message to tell the readers that you have created your post. Put in a link, so that people can get there.

As I run this across 2 platforms (WordPress and Letterdash) I usually do a roundup of all the contributions from all platforms and post it on both of them. This allows people to discover all the contributions, and not just those on their ‘normal’ platform.

This weekend the theme is


Have fun with it.

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