Different Views

It is always interesting to hear descriptions of an event from more than one person, especially if it has some personal significance. Details from one may be completely overlooked by another, who finds other aspects more significant.

I remember sitting in on a disciplinary hearing some years ago, and realising to my horror that the accuser seemed to have a permanent dislike of the accused. I seemed to be the only one aware of this. Hearing a description of an event as prompted by the accuser, and from my own experience of the event I was wondering if we were describing the same event. Then the accused told a version, similar to mine, but with some details I was unaware of.

Thanks to the fact that my story and the accused’s stories were so similar, there was a decision not to take further action. Fortunately the accuser left shortly thereafter, but unfortunately for a ‘higher’ rank elsewhere; which I’m sure produced similar events where he protected himself with a ‘version’ close to the truth, but biased towards what he wanted as an outcome.

I ran into him elsewhere years later, still peddling himself as the answer to all, but I gather with a trail of nastiness left behind him.

Sometimes finding a believable reality when stories differ can take a long time. I was intrigued yesterday to see a film, where, when the truth finally dawns on you, the character accused has Alzheimer’s and can no longer recognise what has come to light.

I wondered how often the missing links in a story only come to light after it can no longer matter.

Osama Bin Laden is apparently dead. I wonder, what will ever come to light about him and events related to him, now that he has been killed.


13 thoughts on “Different Views

    1. In the movie, definitely yes, and as Obama released the news, I gather he must be pretty sure (it is a week since the enevt, so hopefully they have done some dna tests or something)

  1. Ooooh, just read Cindy’s comment….the conspiracy theorists will be grinding into action as we speak. My guess is the US’ll provide plenty of evidence to silence them.

    A thought-provoking post, Sidey 🙂 The whole business is exacerbated by our ability to deceive ourselves. Mr Nasty probably had an internal dialogue which reassured him that he was a really nice guy….

    1. Mr Nasty really wanted to be liked and respected, but couldn’t quite get either

      conspiracy theory. It’s not true but Obama’s political enemies have cooked it up so that they can make him look stupid later when they ‘reveal’ the truth?

  2. People like the “accuser” are found in far too many places. I’m glad that you were there to set the record straight and foil his dastardly plans. 😀

  3. Truth — its such a subjective reality, isn’t it? Each of us percieves things in our own way, who’s to say who is more ‘right’? Your Mr. Nasty, though very likely the piece of work you describe him to be, probably fully believed that what he was saying was the ‘truth’. A

    All that said, though I don’t know you, I’d be on your side!

    Now, for Mr. bin Laden — if he’s not dead, Obama will make sure he never sees the free light of day again. (more for the conspiracy theorists!)

    1. It is subjective for each of us. How can one ever find an ‘objective truth’?

      As for Obama, I don’t think the US could afford him as a live hostage, too many would kidnap US citizens to demand a swap.

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