Having been fascinated by the fascinator headwear of so many women at the televised wedding on Friday, I proposed fascinating as the theme this weekend. I decided it is a too-popular term and needed a teeny bit of dictionary-type clarification.

One definition I discovered (In the online Merriam-Webster) rang a bell.

the state of being fascinated : the state of feeling an intense interest in something

It implies that the fascination is of a duration, it’s just a state after all and states change. Is it akin to infatuation?

I began to wonder if fascination, like infatuation is something to outgrow? After all the “intensity” implies something that (for most of us) is something unsustainable.

I think it explains my fascination with the earth (and the universe beyond) and the things on it, animal, mineral and vegetable. It comes and goes in intensity. After all it’s a changeable state.

8 thoughts on “Fascination

  1. Sidey ~

    You cracked me up with the photos.

    I was fascinated with the first two . . . studying them intently as I attempted (unsuccesfully) to ascertain what they depicted . . . then WHAM!

    You knocked me for a loop with that loop-de-loop of a hat/lawn statuary/hood ornament on the top of Beatrice’s head!


    When you get a chance, let me know what the first two pictures are.

    1. The one is the ‘eye nebula’ and the other is a sea dragon, a sea horse about as big as your hand. I spent ages at an aquaruium in Hong Kong just watching them, they are such gentle little creatures.

  2. That girl has allowed herself to be the laughingstock of the world at large with that hat. I can’t begin to wonder what she was thinking.

    1. If you look at the rest of her outfit, it was perfect for the cousin’s wedding (unlike her sister who just looked dreadful) I have a sneaky suspicuion it’s her mother’s doing for not being invited!

      Sad that – my sister was invited to the weddings of the girls she’s ex-aunt by marriage to – because of happy memories, but then my sister doesn’t make the kind of troubles that Fergie seems to do.

  3. Oh lord there is no word in the English language to describe that girl’s hat. All one can say is if you wear a hat like that and eye makeup like that you reeeelly want people to notice you and we did…

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