How do people make decisions?

I watched this week as people dithered around, then when I made a suggestion they leapt at it, and wham! DECISION! Am I that brilliant or did I just sound confident? Maybe that’s how so many bad decisions are made, people listen to someone who sounds confident? It would explain so much of the diffidence […]

Doing the thinking

It never ceases to amaze me how people have seen something from another business, and assume it applies to their situation. They then demand it in their own, but will not bother to do the thinking to see what they really want, and how to create it. When you look around and see something ‘advertised’ […]

Movies and life

I went to see “Another Year” this weekend. What a lovely movie. But oh dear! The hangers on, no lives of their own yet flocking to the ‘normal’ people. Both stuck in jobs that have little meaning for them, no friendships outside the hanging on to their married friends. Neither will make the effort to […]

Roundup – contributions to the weekend theme

Roundup of all the contributions for the weekend theme of COLOURS. It has been fun. Thanks all. Some are just links to the blog, but some people leave the link to the post as well, so you may find both here. 68ghia adeeyoyo another day Blossom Cindy  COLOURS « The only Cin Colonialist Flower gobetween […]


Colours are supposed to affect our emotions, yet I can’t help wondering just how much of all that is cultural. After all some of us believe white stands for purity and happiness, yet in some other cultures it is the colour of death. It’s long been an area for ‘pop’ psychology. Not much real research […]