tuesday morning thoughts………..

Early winter? We are all moaning about the fact that it has become so cold and wet BEFORE the Easter Weekend. Well of course it’s a bit late this year, all to do with the moon of course. An early spring makes us nervous that new fresh things, buds, flowers, leaves and baby animals will […]

Roundup for the weekend theme

  Here’s the list of those who played along, creating contributions using the theme and who also remembered to leave me a message that they have done so. Kingfisher2  Sarchasm  Poppiekreer   68ghia   another day   Colonialist  http://nrhatch.wordpress.com/2011/04/16/photo-challenge-lines-in-the-sky/nrhatch Cindy  Paula Tohline Calhoun  Lady-Bug  MissChris  PinkPolkaDot   side view / viewfromtheside   gobetween   lydia   […]


I sat in the seemingly endless meetings. My head pounding as the details were worked out. Finally the contract was agreed. And it gave me exactly what I wanted. This was the next step up, time for a small celebration. They were all drinking when I walked in. With that headache I didn’t dare. “A […]

Friday, so it’s weekend theme time

It’s Friday and therefore as usual, time for the weekend theme. This week it’s UNEXPECTED! If you would like to contribute, no matter which blogging platform you use, create your contribution (prose, poetry, pictures, or sound) whatever it is, and post it on your blog. Then come back here and leave a comment with enough […]

men and fish

Men are like fish. So often the outside appearance gives no clue as to the inside. Intelligence, wit and compassion don’t always go with dashing good looks and so often the plainest or ugliest fish is the most tasty and tender.

Looking up there…………….

50 years ago, in 1961 a young girl was dreaming, spaceflight, space travel. A very romantic young Russian Yuri Gagarin (I was sure he was really royalty) had gone up into space and come back to earth. My understanding of royalty was a bit shakey, but the man was royalty of a different kind, those […]

Finding it

We were discussing this week how hard it can be to find the right person to do a specific job, and how hard it can be to find the right job for some people. It’s all about the match of person and interest. Where there is real interest, almost always the capability follows, or is […]

Weekend Theme

It’s Friday, although a bit earlier than I normally post this, it is time for the weekend theme. Having had a week of fun doing what I seem to do well, I thought I’d make the theme somewhat personal for me. This week the theme is “Metier” As usual, or if you are new to […]