Weekend Theme

Oops sorry, I was trying to remember to work before I got sidetracked into watching the next King of England’s wedding, so I sort of forgot it was Friday.

Some of what I saw yesterday inspired the theme for this weekend



Have fun.

25 thoughts on “Weekend Theme

    1. FASCINATING! How weird it is that some things are remembered in our heads and other situations simply get blocked off totally. Remembering the death of my 1st husband, how bits and pieces fall apart of the nights’ happenings. How some people are put on earth to fulfill a duty and when the duty is complete, he is taken away, no pre-warning or illness, just simply taken away, the mere age of 28. He’s favourite saying was “I want to be Forever Young” (Song by Alphaville). Also use to say how he dreaded becoming old, He had a contagious laugh, that when he smiled or laughed, a whole lot of people, strangers would simply laugh as well. Also FASCINATING! is, how my mom, at her age 69, was knocked over by a car, severe brain damage and has the mentality of a 3year old. I can have better conversations with my 8 year old. On the 10th March 2011 went in for yet another operation – all from the accident and they never picked it up for 2 years – and still today in hospital, in ICU. She is suffering, constant pain and illness, cronic medication the works. Yet, her duty on earth is not complete, one would think that all this will be better if she just passed on, but still, life for her simply goes on. Life and death, for some the place in heaven is open, and for others….is this simply a test on how much we can endure…..

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