Dreams, do they mean anything?

I’m in the USA, a city, sightseeing for the weekend with the family (but I didn’t recognise any of my real family), we wanted to go out to the space port, to see it, but then darkness was coming and the family had to leave to go home. I was due to start work on the following day when the family I was travelling with had gone on home. I knew I still had to hire a car and get a map of the city so that I could find my way to the place I would be working.

Somehow I stayed in their car with them and then was back at home with them. (A pretty fast car seeing that a flight is 18 hours or a lot longer) When they were worried I just explained that I was dreaming this and when I awoke I’d be back in my hotel in the city.

I woke, but now in a quaint place, I’ve been there before. It is spotlessly clean; there is water (very clean seawater) instead of roads, a Venice without any decay. But the shops and stalls at the various street markets are all Eastern. Looking at one shop, a lovely heavy old-fashioned wooden table with two layers of cloths and pretty old fashioned teacups, someone explained how you rolled up a tablecloth so that you could take it outside to shake out the crumbs for the birds. The fact that they were doing this using a lace cloth with so many gaps that no self-respecting crumbs would stay with the cloth seemed immaterial to the demonstration.

Fortunately I then woke. Really woke up. With Koda, my cat, encouraging me with chirrups and purrs to give him a cuddle.

I seldom remember dreams. So if dreams foretell something, what on earth could my dream be foretelling?

10 thoughts on “Dreams, do they mean anything?

  1. Sometimes i remember my dreams and sometimes I dont….but honestly dont think they mean anything at all, excpet for your things that may be dwindling around your subconscious.

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