Work? Me? You have to be joking……….

The mental processes needed to get oneself up, dressed, fed, mentally ready for work after a 4 day weekend is hard enough. But knowing that tomorrow is again a holiday makes it that much more difficult.

Why on earth do we have all these disjointed holidays? Why did the government schools have a break, go back for a week or so, then have these few weeks of so few school days? Is there no-one there capable of planning the consequences of all the disruption on the children (and their parents?)

Watching the Facebook comments, from South African friends, about these weeks has been interesting. Most have taken time off. Unfortunately for me I have a project to round off, so I’ve been putting in some hours every day as well as the normal working days. I have not been very productive in these hours however. Somehow the jumble of holidays and work has really messed up my mind.

Does an unsettled period of work, such as this, affect everyone equally, or are there those brains capable of constant concentration such that a holiday is immediately forgotten as soon as they face work again?

If there are such wonder-beings, please do they give lessons?

5 thoughts on “Work? Me? You have to be joking……….

    1. Easter is a bit later than normal this year. Today is National Freedom day, to commemorate (I think) our first democratic election, in which everyone could vote. Then Sunday is Workers Day (or version of the international one), so we have them all together. Usually they are just a teeny bit more spread out, but Easter snuck up on the other two.

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