Friday morning, a chance to stay in bed and think

It’s Good Friday. The most solemn of the Christian holidays. The morning started out very quiet, pretty dark still for me. Now that the window above my bed is closed for the winter I don’t hear what’s left of the early morning birdsong that easily.

I made coffee and toasted a hot cross bun, for breakfast in bed. I was going to read then snuggle down for second sleep, to be followed by second breakfast. However the best laid plans of gerbils and women don’t always come to fruition exactly as planned. So here I am online instead.

As it’s Friday, I should be posting the weekend theme. Yet I wonder if there will be anyone around to participate. So I think this weekend the theme can have a break.

I listened yesterday to the outpouring of someone so frustrated. She’s a very organised person, I have watched her get a team together, talking together, working together. And the results have been smooth and good. However, as is so often the norm for IT departments, this seemingly effortless result is regarded by some as merely fortuitous, and those males who are accustomed to a huge fuss while they fix what they didn’t plan for are threatened by this and are finding more and more ways to side-line her.

Of course she is starting to look around for something else, somewhere else. Sad that the insecurities and chauvinism has forced another good woman out of where she had been making a difference for the better. Unfortunately there is a more senior woman who is really not handling things too well. So of course she’s the excuse that all women can’t cut it.

What amazes me is the level of confidence men have even when quite often they are not delivering too well (and in some cases, not at all) yet women still have this diffidence about themselves. The ‘boys band’ will stick together regardless.

Sometimes I just want to shake them and say, work WITH the women, you will look so much better for it when the results flow.

11 thoughts on “Friday morning, a chance to stay in bed and think

  1. Over on this side of the pond, the “boys band” is called “The Good-Old-Boy Network!” There are times and places when and where that network is almost impossible to break down!

    I wish your friend the best, and pray she will find a place to work where her talents are appreciated and encouraged. Either that, of she finds the opportunity to whack a few morons in the head right where she is! 😀

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