the tiny mind wanders off again………..

Ok, so my brain is having a fun time this week, wandering off on its own into unexplored territory. So what? I’m quite happy to let it do so now and then (or at least to let on about it now and then, as I have to admit it’s pretty wilful when it comes to this wandering off thingy).

After some heavy sessions with various people yesterday my brain was feeling exhausted. Why are there so many ways to look at something, for different purposes? Why is it so hard for some people, who have been looking from one angle to undo that specific way, and look again, in a slightly different way?

What makes a brain work ‘just so’ (very usefully) and then creak and complain and slow down, when looking at the same thing from a different angle. Oh but a complex world is a challenge.

Looking at a business process, with manual steps and computer systems and paper, is a way to see just how something is currently being done. Then to define just what functions the computer systems assist with is suddenly difficult (why? It’s all there). And when the growth of the business processes and systems has been piecemeal over some years so they are a patchwork of not-quite fitting elements rather that a complete whole makes it more difficult.

The to take the rather rambly description of some group’s activities and break them down into separate outcomes:

This deals with doing these for specific customers

And that deals with managing the fund that they get paid from

How hard is it to split up the ramblings into separate functions based on outcomes, not just because one person or department happens to currently do both of them.

No wonder my brain is sore trying to get them to move on from the rambling descriptions. And I have to do it more again today. Ouch!

6 thoughts on “the tiny mind wanders off again………..

  1. Oh, fab post, Sidey, I love ramblings. I think they’re essential.

    But it’s like playing a piano in front of 500: it’s important not to think about it too much. The mind, and the dynamics of minds working together, mean that the dross usually floats to the bottom and the good stuff to the top. What people care about will out, and I always have to guard against having too much of an agenda in case I miss the really important learning opportunities.

    Im rambling, as usual 😀

  2. “Oh but a complex world is a challenge” – it sure is, viewfromtheside – all the more complicated by the fact that we often end up disagreeing with ourselves! (well, that’s a problem I suffer from, anyhow)

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