tuesday morning thoughts………..

Early winter? We are all moaning about the fact that it has become so cold and wet BEFORE the Easter Weekend. Well of course it’s a bit late this year, all to do with the moon of course.

An early spring makes us nervous that new fresh things, buds, flowers, leaves and baby animals will be killed by a last strike by winter. Yet an early winter makes us grumble, at this stage not thinking if winter stores will last till spring. Supermarkets keep us so far from the natural rhythm of the seasons really.

I for one am grateful that someone else does the storing and organising of food so that I can have most things for many months of the year. I’m sad that the peaches are almost all gone, but cheering up because the avos and pawpaws are slowly appearing in the shops.

Of course the purists say we should only eat fruit and veg in their seasons, because they are either forced to grow, or are stored, or are flown in (the carbon footprint of a German Cherry in May here in Johannesburg is rather steep for such a pretty tasty little fruit).

I wonder what prompted me to go and buy 2 pairs of boots a few weeks ago. Did my instinct tell me we are in for a colder winter? Or was it simply that the one pair was a huge mark down in the ‘last of the range’?

I’m fascinated by the way some people claim foreknowledge, when it’s really something as mundane as a good value item on a sale. (After all I wear boots for years, one pair is over 10 years old and still looks good but the black ones were looking rather scruffy really)

That fits in with what I was thinking about driving home yesterday. People with little formal education into history and archaeology love those books that proclaim how the Pyramids were built by aliens, and all the mumbo jumbo that comes with it, loosely based on selected items found by archaeologists. Selective presentation of ‘facts’ and filling in with large dollops of imagination can so easily be sold as a book for the masses. (So why don’t I do it?)

Feeling a little cynical, I’ll toddle off to work now. To face what the day brings. Pyramid building aliens maybe?

20 thoughts on “tuesday morning thoughts………..

  1. I remember those winters – when it’s cold, it cuts right through you. Watching the frost melt in the garden as the sun moved round was one of my favourite things to do.

  2. Boots, ah boots! A life may be measured by boots. The number we have worn through, the type of boots we have worn and the occasions for which we have worn them.

    Perhaps the new, yet to come, unforeseen Christ (or perhaps an alien, who knows really) will remove boots to clean soiled feet rather than sandals.

    Without boots I fear there would be no, so called, civilisation, no feats of engineering, no master plan, no great revolution for us to pound out a rhythm.

    Boots are honest, straightforward, ethically sound. They are not pretentious or self seeking. They do a job and that’s it. Nothing more and nothing less. If boots were given more credit, and accorded their rightful status in societies across the globe, there would be less mumbo jumbo to contend with. More! Learning from the simple boot, there would be far fewer people contentedly accepting mumbo jumbo doctrines.

  3. Wait?! What?! The pyramids were NOT built by aliens???

    What about Stonehenge?

    I want to believe that we are NOT alone in this Universe! I want to believe that aliens will come and save us from ourselves!

    Sigh . . . pass me a peach. 😀

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