Morning thoughts, contemplating a grey sky

Meeting other bloggers

A fearsome event. The first time you decide to meet another blogger. Are the horror stories from the web true, Will this be the time I am abducted by an alien or aliens? Will I be robbed, led astray, devoured.

My first time some of that happened. A well known blogger called Supagran and I met in the place she calls sleepy hollow. I was there for work, and we had arranged for her to fetch me at the B&B as I had become pretty lost the previous evening, out searching for some sustenance.

Well she led me astray into a place of fun and laughter. She robbed me of my fears, replacing them with friendship. And devouring did take place. Lovely eastern food in funny sloping bowls. That friendship has continued, through laughter and tears, sharing so many things. We have only met face to face a few times, but each time is a treasure to store up and remember if I ever feel lonely.

My second attempt to meet a blogger, brought back all the fears, so I arranged it at a coffee shop where I am well known. (Safety – I thought)

Well this was another wonderful experience. She’s as she writes, wise, witty, poetic, vulnerable with a strength that comes peeping through to remind you vulnerability does not mean weakness.

This morning as I contemplate getting out of a snuggly warm bed to face a chilly and damp day, it is with the cheering knowledge that I’m off to breakfast with a bunch of women, mostly bloggers I have first met online. Wonderful friendships. We share laughter and fun, yet are there for each other in ways I never could have happened.

So to the new online friends, hopefully the day will come……………….

19 thoughts on “Morning thoughts, contemplating a grey sky

  1. Yes – you are lucky. It would be interesting to meet some of the people I’ve ‘met’ online recently.

    Who knows? One day, maybe.

  2. How wonderful, Sidey. Warm friendships on a chilly, damp day.

    I’ve met one blogger face to face ~ Flying G’Ma (Jeanne). She and her husband Dean visited us from the cold snowy north in February and we had a wonderful day.

    She met several other bloggers on the trip as well and enjoyed each of them.

    Here’s to Cyber Friendships!

  3. I just have an innate feeling that I one day will get to the continent of Africa – a life-long dream – and more specifically to SA where I hope to meet a few of the blog friends I have made over the past year – you among them! I know SA is rather a large country, but I think once I get there, if I do, I’ll be ready to spend some time there. . .

  4. I well remember the 1st time I met a blogger (who disguises himself as a meerkat) – I was also really nervous. That was the day when the term ‘MOB’ was coined!
    I met Supagran a couple of weeks later & was just as anxious.
    Now I’m honoured to be able to call some of my blog-buddies really close friends, who’ve stood by me through some really tough times. I wouldn’t change them for anything!!! 🙂

    1. i have been lucky and not found someone who hides themself behind others words online, the ones I chose to meet have been wonderful.

      some i met via others, and they were not ever going to become friends

  5. I remember our first meeting well! We have shared a lot in the past 4 years, hopefully we will get together again soon.

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