men and fish

Men are like fish.

So often the outside appearance gives no clue as to the inside.

Intelligence, wit and compassion don’t always go with dashing good looks and so often the plainest or ugliest fish is the most tasty and tender.

16 thoughts on “men and fish

  1. What is that old statement, something like,”Women need men like a fish need a bicycle?” Don’t know why that came to mind. . .something about men?

    In addition to ugly fish being tasty, I’ve also observed that (sometimes) the tastiest fish have the biggest and most fierce teeth! My favorite fish to eat is Bluefish. A bite from them can be nasty.

    I mention this because this is one metaphor in re fish and men that does not apply at all! Men who bite most certainly should not be given an opportunity to bite twice!

    Entertaining post, Sidey! And, I echo Tilly’s comment. I have been fortunate not to have the experience that Nzwaa has had!

  2. And men, like fish, start to stink after 3 days. 😀

    Love PTC’s joke about the fish and the bicycle. A related joke:

    Someone says, <Why should a man buy the cow if he can get the milk for free?

    I reply, Why should a woman buy the pig if all she wants is a little sausage?

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