How do people make decisions?

I watched this week as people dithered around, then when I made a suggestion they leapt at it, and wham! DECISION!

Am I that brilliant or did I just sound confident? Maybe that’s how so many bad decisions are made, people listen to someone who sounds confident? It would explain so much of the diffidence around Obama, he’s an intellectual, always questioning, and many people are afraid of a leader who doesn’t just ‘dictate’.

That would explain the success of various politicians who end up as dictators. They are always confident, always demanding, so people react and give them what they ask for or demand. They start out doing it with charm and charisma, then as their power grows, they move on to fiercer methods, and still the compliance is there. I suspect that is one of the best reasons for never letting anyone in power have more than 2 rounds at it. I suspect the same rule should apply to people elected to parliament or whatever countries have. If they can only to be there representing people for 2 terms, then for the rest they have to get REAL jobs, and be one of the people.

Now I wonder how many people decided “ YES, she’s right!”


16 thoughts on “How do people make decisions?

  1. Now that’s a good idea, Sidey. Half the members change each year, so that two years are served in a staggered way for continuity… Would it work. I like the idea of them being ordinary citzens to see what it’s like!

  2. Another interesting post. My husband always says, when dealing with, for example, service people, don’t ask them if they can do it, tell them they can do it. And they often find that, actually, yes, they can.

  3. By George, you’ve got it! 😀

    I don’t agree with others just because they seem confident. But I tend to listen to them longer than someone who is equivocal and hesitant and beats around the bush.

    1. We have to have patience with those who explore ideas from several sides, they sometimes find far better ways to do things, just because they can leave the well trodden paths of thinking

    1. Thanks Kate, if i was brilliant many things would be easier.

      Some people think they make decisions fast, because they are collecting information and assessing it in the background first 😉

  4. The political issue is difficult – on the one hand I agree with your proposal because if they are in too long they invariably start to abuse their power, but if they’re in for too short a period, they don’t plan for the long-term and nothing gets done (not that things necessarily get done when they’re in for the long-term, either…) hmmm, seems like I can’t make up my mind on that one 😉

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