Doing the thinking

It never ceases to amaze me how people have seen something from another business, and assume it applies to their situation. They then demand it in their own, but will not bother to do the thinking to see what they really want, and how to create it.

When you look around and see something ‘advertised’ in some way from a company that doesn’t really work, you can be fairly sure it came from one of those ‘bright idea’ sessions. Proposed by one of those who like having ‘ideas’ and being credited for them. BUT they are so often exactly the ones who have no idea how to go about making such a thing real.

If senior, they never devote the time and budget needed to create the reality for the idea. No idea of the real cost and what it needs sometimes from MANY people in many places of the organisation to make it actually happen.

So it so often gets done in a half-hearted manner, with quite often a few heroically exhausted people trying to make it work and hang together. Of course those poor souls are blamed if it is a real disaster.

I sometimes wonder if this is a major contributor to the stress people experience at work. The ‘bright ideas’ types leaving a trail of chaos behind them while people frantically try to deliver this over and over with inadequate resources.

Even when it IS a great idea, not planning and providing the money and people and facilities to do the job is a huge issue for many staff.

When the head of the place forces the thinking and planning (in a pressure cooker environment so all including the bright ideas person do all the thinking necessary to make it a success) then it can be amazing. The whole team proudly say “We did it” and the stress is good stress coming from working hard and achieving.

I’m watching some of the poor kind and some of the good kind together in one organisation. I want to cry for the people who are battling with the fact that adequate time and money for planning is not spent for some things. But where there is one really serious manager who thinks and plans, in just a few months I have witnessed quite a turnaround in results, and a reduction in the level of stress.


12 thoughts on “Doing the thinking

  1. Very good article, Sidey! Brain-storming has to be correctly followed up or it is no use at all. ‘Ideas’ people are brilliant sometimes, but totally impractical. The trick is to marry the two in the planning stages.

    1. exactly, their strenth is ideas, the planners must be allowed to bring their full strengths in, or there is a mess. as a letterdash person reminded me, OBE for schools worked elsewhere, butthe amount of planning and teacher preparation (often online) just didn’t happen here for so many schools. A real failure because of inadequate assessment and planning

  2. Yes, it really is about balance. We do need both. If we didnot have both…. We may not be writing this comment via our blackberrys.
    But then again- maybe government would actually work.(Adeeyoyo makes a good point.)

  3. At times, I fear that thinking is a lost art. People are so ready to emulate others . . . that they don’t evaluate things for themselves.

    Good post, Sidey.

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