Roundup of the Illusions

Here’s the roundup of those who left me a comment to tell me they had played this weekend. I do hope all the links work, and that I haven’t left anyone out. If I have please scold me and I’ll remedy the omission. Happy reading 68ghia    Aapstert   Adeyoyo another day    Blossom    […]

Friday ramblings and the weekend theme

Smoke and mirrors I tell you! These people who pretend to do a lot but waft around and claim credit for others work. Having seen more of that yesterday, plus someone who through some limitations is not occupying the position he believes he should be and who is now trying subtly to stop other progress […]

Classifying and Cataloguing

Cataloguing and classifying. What a task it can be. Yet a body of information, well classified and catalogued can provide so much more to the seeker of knowledge than a random collection of papers and files. There are people who love to do it. They read the texts to be classified, they add the detail […]

The See Through Angel

I looked at her, She seemed to shimmer, then she wasn’t there, then she was. An angel you could sometimes see through was something I hadn’t seen before.   She was standing with a group of others watching the sun set behind the Moon, that very sharp line between light and dark rushing over the […]

Monday morning and the weekend theme roundup

Autumn is here. It rained all night and now its gloomy and not really warm.   Looking out of the bathroom window I can see a sliver of the lawn next door, liberally sprinkled with yellow leaves. They have a gardener every day, so this lot has fallen over the weekend.   I rushed over […]

Big horizons, with nothing to distract the mind. I look at the lioness and wonder what she thinks. Lion thoughts of cover for stalking, How a great plain leaves her exposed to the sight of her prey. She doesn’t care what I think. I love the grass, a waving sea of green or gold Waving […]

Weekend Theme – take 1

This one had me torn two ways. If I get far enough with my proposal for work, I’ll create the other one at supper time. Her thoughts, like most lion thoughts are of survival.  She looks out across the grassland, no cover really. Yet she must make it across there without the new male realising […]

Weekend Theme

It’s Friday, time for the weekend theme. Another different one this week. No theme in words, but a picture to give the theme. Write whatever the picture evokes in you. As usual, create your post, leave a message here and I’ll do the roundup late in the weekend. Enjoy!

Getting ready for exam nerves, having vivid dreams

I woke this morning, totally confused, to an odd wail. Within a few seconds it resolved itself into an interesting passage played on a flute. The radio alarm doing its job. I’d been about half awake, the sort of ‘getting ready for the alarm’ state. Mr Cuddles Cat, having decided that the carpet on the […]