Letting the tiny mind out on its own again

Thinking. Why is so hard sometimes? Seeing a mass of information and making sense out of it. Seeing a huge amount of raw data, working into making sense of it. Thinking through the complexity of disorganised information to provide a structure, a context

At the same time for another organisation, taking insufficient information and making sense of that. Giving it a ‘body’ so that it is understandable by multiple parties.

No wonder my brain feels flat, incapable of doing much.

However, realising that they haven’t made sense of this previously, makes me realise that it probably all flattened several other brains along the way.

Obviously I must do the un-obvious and look at it all differently. No good banging my head against the same wall that already has dents from other people in it.

On the bright side, I can take my mind down uncharted paths. I can let it roam around a bit and find a better way.

So off we go, my little brain and I into pastures afresh. Will they be grassy plains for ideas or will they be deserts? Only time will tell.

(Of course if I’m lucky, they will be desserts, and I’ll have a sweet time out there)

11 thoughts on “Letting the tiny mind out on its own again

  1. Funny you should post this today. I’m busy editing a book; 14 chapters by 14 different authors. To try and pull them into line, so that they all talk to the central concept, yet retain their individual voices, is very challenging. I was thinking on how different minds work … kinda like the different takes on your weekend themes, innit?
    Dang, now I’ve gone and got carried away … enjoy your day.

  2. People’s perceptions are so blurry unpredictable sometimes…

    PS, VERY excited about this cool new look. You look all trendy and sophisticated and Paris-coffee-bar-with-sunshades-and-attitude. Suddenly I’m a bit in awe….

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